Substation cafe is housed inside what was previously an electrical substation and has a great look and feel to the cafe. Located along McEvoy street, its unassuming (despite is apparent iconography) and you’ll really have to stop to look for it. There also really isn’t much parking around though :/

Once inside, you’ll really notice the work that was done to make substation into the venue that its at. The feel is industrial/restoration with some clever touches – in particular, that bedspring lamp is quite cool looking. The black board is integrated into the fitout and they make the most of a tight space.


They sell beans and here’s a look at their muffin in closeup.


Outside, there is ample seating and the area here feels somewhat residential especially that large window cutout in the exisiting wall. Bit of a green wall/garden at the end there.


A glance at the edible goodies they have at substation. Appealingly presented, price points readily present.


Coffee Art. Decent Coffee


A look at the tolix tool and the opening made into the wall to open up and permit natural light to enter the cafe.

Substation is a goodlooking cafe with interesting touches and a good feel. Friendly staff, good food and good coffee. Head over to check this out at 124 McEvoy Street.

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