Salvage Coffee’s a funny one. We’ve got mates who know the guys (Hey Dan Yee) 1/3 of the guys who own it, and its been a long time coming before we ended up heading up to check it out – trekking north on a work week, up at the crux of dawn and a train ride up to Artamon. In the fairly non descript suburb of Artamon, on the non roadway side down the picturesqueish sidelane, lies Salvage Coffee. The funky Industrial type logo is unmissable as is the rather fancy urban chic look to the whole outfit. And Dan had his day off. Doh.


So Salvage serves up Mecca beans and the fitout is simple, modern with a nice touch of neon. Looks great with ubiquitous tin cups. The mesh gives it an industrial sort of feel. Also, that’s Toby just there making coffees.


Mecca beans, that counter there is actually on wheels. So it moves. Its a clever way if there’s restrictions on what you can build into the space. Its a cool funky space and just hidden at the side is their sweets cabinet. It should be noted that most of the seating here is going to be outdoors.


Beautiful coffee with matching crema art. Latte.


We picked a single origin coffee. This was a bit of a doozy – dug out the info off instagram : “Kenya Kapsokisio from Tim Wendelboe in Norway.” Yup. Its good.


Short black we believe.


smoked ocean trout w pickled fennell, poached egg, creme fraiche – very nicely presented and very sophisticated breakfast eat.


sourdough, guacamole, tomatoes.

We’re glad we popped in. Salvage Coffee looks great, the coffees were really nice and the area in which it sat had a sleepy town feel. Apparently Salvage goes off on the weekend as the locals descend and grab their weekend brunch here and the menu extends to more interesting eats. Nicely kitted out, great coffees and food – We don’t mind this bit of swankiness in Artamon.



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