Palomino Espressso is next to Loaf and Devotion/Stitch Bar and together creates a bit of a food hub considering you can go to stitch and have lunch. This was an incidental lunch session, we had planned to got to Loaf and Devotion again to try their pulled pork but my friend M didn’t feel like carbs and we ended up coming in as they had a salad selection. I quite liked what I chanced upon of Palomino Espresso though. A lady out the front was eating this nice looking soup. It is situated in the same building that houses Stitch bar (the angelo candelapas) on York Street and has that profesional sheen of class on the street front with its really simple and attractive logo/font.


busy as when we went. Wait staff took orders on ipads. The inside was simple and has what looks like floorboards runing up and creating a ceiling. Its not bad looking. Very simply put together. They had a great looking pistachio slice thing in their cake cabinet but I nearly have room for dessert once we get going.


Barista at work


A look at their menu. Really good prices. We tried the roast beef sandwich $13, a salad $4.50, the $4 sparkling coffee over ice (because M was intrigued by the name) and I had the salted caramel shake.


Greek Salad Serve. This was only $4.50 so M. was quite happy with the price and light eat.


$4 sparkling coffee over ice. M. was intrigued by the name and ordered this. It was sparkling + an espresso shot in a cup with icecubes. Quite strong apparently from the texts I got later about its effect.


$13 beef sandwich with onion relish, aioli. There’s some sort yellowey orangey chutney like sauce on it which was sweet, had indian flavours and quite morish. The sandwich is also filled with filling and really good eating with loads of roast beef. Its not big-bite sized but it is sizable and I had a lot of beef that slid out of the sandwich as I was eating it.


Salted Caramel Shake. $6. This wasn’t brown enough in colouring when it arrived (colour in photo is quite reflective), and I expected it to disappoint but this was a great shake. It was sweet, had strong caramel flavours and was devoured. Quite a great way to end the meal I thought.

So there you have it. Quite a solid lunch in the city with good eating, good drinking eats in a nice looking cafe.  They also promptly brought out drinking water when we had ordered and sat down. I dug that. The server who brought out the sparkling coffee also was happy to explain to us what it was M had ordered and what she should expect. This is a nice place to grab lunch and a bite. Highly Recommended.

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