Nook Urban Fresh Bar (clarence st) is a salad bar/cafe located under what is a largely corporate looking tower but through the use of timber/worn bits of furniture on the street side; manages an appealing wholesome feel and vibe. Inside, its more conventional and generi cafe but it’s also airconditioned. Its a nice place to grab a bite; menu is seasonal and changes and this post is a multi visit collation. The menu is an appealing mix of salad bar, sandwiches, burgers and then some.NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-1

NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-2
NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-6
NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-5
NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-3
NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-4
Inside and to the front is where the main part of the cafe sits. There’s sensory lab coffees here and we also spotted Proud Marys outta Melbourne

NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-8NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-7NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-10NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-9NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-12NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-11

Coffees, mushroom soup in a cup, Bao with beef lamb burger (the only low light with lamb that looked and tasted boiled instead of having a char and flavoursome), chicken rolotto and recently consumed lamb pita (note the char on the lamb this time round)

NoOk urban Fresh Bar - CBD-1

We like Nook. Its a good eating, surprise of a cafe that dishes up most eats under $20 that we’d say were healthy lunch crowd friendly. There’s also a dedication to coffees that might surprise with the blends on offer and good flavours. It’s a popular eatery has table service with friendly wait staff. If you’re near, this is a great cafe.

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  1. Gaby

    This place is literally 20 metres away from my office and I have only tried the coffee. Shame on me. Will try the food soon.