Chuck Close is currently showing at the MCA and on an arvo visit to check out the showcase, we headed upstairs to the MCA Cafe to check out their New York Now – an American menu inspired by the foods of NYC. There’s hotdogs, mac and cheese, a take on their reuben sandwick (which NYC – with their famous carnegie and katz’s deli), duck confit and a salmon bagel.

Chuck Close MCA (9)
It all looks really lovely and we did order most things that caught our eye from their menu.

Chuck Close MCA (10)
The New York Now bagel is filled with smoked salmon/dill and a good rendition of this.

Chuck Close MCA (8)
This is the NYnow Reuben and quite frankly, its more like a pulled beef sandwich than a Reuben and a real headscratcher on that front. It tasted decent but this ain’t no reuben sandwich.

Chuck Close MCA (1)
Chuck Close MCA (7)
Mac and cheese was a nice serve, suitable cheesy and a good take on the classic.

Chuck Close MCA (6)
The NYnow hotdog came with crispy burger rings – but the dog was a bit smaller than the bun and we lopped off the ends before tucking in. Like the Reuben, this made us think “um…” but mostly because the sausage was dwarfed by the bun. How does this make you feel?

Chuck Close MCA (4)
Chuck Close MCA (3)
A duo of salads from the menu. The serve is large and if salad’s your thing, that salmon one is great with heaps of salmon and quinoa. The other was a good option for vegetarians.

Chuck Close MCA (2)
Duck Confit – not quite sure how NYC/American duck confit is but this was a really nice dish with a crispy duck leg and one of the better dishes we tried today.
The NYnow menu goes til the end of the Chuck Close show which incidentally is quite interesting (15th of March 2015 is when the show wraps up). If you’re in the area, head upstairs for good coffees and a great view of the opera house and the harbour bridge. Prices are reasonable for this end of town and you can have a bevvie while here too.

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2 Responses

  1. Gourmet Getaways

    It’s a shame on the dog being really short of the bun, but nonetheless everything looks good. Love the bagel with salmon…mmmm!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    • TheJugernaut

      yeah. the hot dog was a bit of a lol. Nice selection of eats :)