Loaf & Devotion. I chuckled a little when I heard the name. Its a bit silly but the play on the phrase love and devotion works: A celebration of the sandwich. This is located near wynard park and its adjacent to Palomino Espresso. Loaf is a no nonsense, burger/bagel/sandwichery and quite a good one- it’s in the city offering value added sandwiches which are rather smashingly good. Its a good looking cafe offering prompt service, good friendly staff and good eats. Main pic was day 1. Look at that queue.


Best? biased! ;)


A look at the cafe. Nice lamps, good use of the space with yellow being a predominant colour here. Its very tightly packed with them trying to fit as many seats in the space as they can. (see also palomino) There’s a queue here. This is my 2nd+3rd trip here. You can see from pic that they do provide table water which is always a plus in my book.


They do breakfast but the standard hallmark here are the rather glorious sandwiches. You will note the big sandwich takeway cases they have. They do a lot of sandwich trade.


Most things are under $10. Some are $10.50 and everything else is reasonable priced. I’d be happy to eat here again. They also have gluten free bread. Might need to try their shakes some day. That pesto chicken is sounding quite appealing right about now. (you can click on pic and you’ll see the image a little bigger)


Schnitty. $9.50. A chicken schnitzel sandwich. Nicely toasted. Nice sizable hunks of chicken. Good portion, great value and good eating.


Nick’s Burgerzilla. Beef, pulled pork, bacon, greens, cheddar swiss. Its bursting at the seams with filling. $11.50


It growing! Quite a ginormous burger and great value at $11.50. For the hungry lads who can afford the calories. I want one soon.


Cubano Special – open face sandwich with smoked ham, pulled pork, mustard and pickles $10.50. Nice selection of ingredients. I ate it open faced with a knife and fork and it was a good eat. Pulled Pork and more pork in the form of ham? Ham it up!


Lox bagel. salmon. $8.50 They toasted it resulting in some of the fish getting cooked. Not sure if this was a brookly boy bagel. Looks nice enough. Had capers in it.


Coffee long black. Steaming hot (you can see the steam) and quite good.

Loaf and Devotion is a tightly packed venue and this pic was taken the 2nd  time we were in there, I straddled the chair in the back area as it was so tight in there but to the right of my leg is someone’s back and the stool abuts. Its all rather tight in there. There’s really no space to navigate between. I wonder how someone in the corner is going to get out if all the seats are filled.

L+D is a great sydney CBD eatery with a large selection of great looking sandwiches which look and taste great. The cafe plays tunes just loud enough to make it not just stodge. It livelier for it. What’s missing? I don’t know if they do chips but they should ;) Also, some condiments like ketchup on the tables wouldn’t be amiss. Happy to add this to my revolving urban bites. Its a good one this place.
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