Just Pure Bistro has now been relaunched with the moniker JPB. Came here for a long lunch meetup and got to experience their new menu. We got introduced to JPB and the floor manager explained that they actually had a bee farm in the hotel and that the honey used in the swissotel came from their bee farm. Fascinating stuff.

Per their website “a bistro offering a range of fresh, organic and locally sourced produce including organic honey sourced from the 200,000 bees that live on the roof of the hotel, extra virgin olive oil from Megalong Valley and pork from Byron Bay.” The cuisine here is classed “Mod Aus”



The restaurant was also refurbished to reflect its new name and is a trendy cosmopolitan feeling venue now with the appropriate elegance of a hotel restaurant befitting the swissotel brand.


dark woods, shiny surfaces


beef salad, tomato and bocconcini starter


tomato salad with bocconcini

salmon, fennel salad, squid ink rissoto

this was a rather good dish. Salmon was possibly a little over but the melange of flavours made it a good eat.


chicken on shrooms and green beans. – vegetable still had colour and the chicken was well cooked and again, a decent feed.

JPB location up on the upper floors of the swissotel means that you’re probably not going to be wandering in. It is rather fancy and feels suited to business lunches or dinners.

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