We were in Melbourne about 2 weeks back and dined at the rather fantastic Kettle Black and fell head over heels for their fantastic food – their ricotta pancake was fantastic and one of the thing we endeavoured to do was find Sydney’s equivalent. We did our research and that’s why on a brisk Saturday Morning, we head to Harry’s Bondi to check out their food. Harry’s has been renovated since January and the venue is a popular, packed cafe dishing up eats that yes, is worth travelling for.  Fast expedient service, friendly staff and great food in a tight, attractive cafe makes this a winner.

Harrys Bondi (4)

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Its a good looking cafe. There’s plenty of seating inside (80), and there’s nary a spare seat. It’s appealing, understated and modern.

Harrys Bondi (5)

A sampling of baked treats – Breadfern and cronuts from the always excellent Brewtown.

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A look at their menu, most things under $20 and the brunch is all day too.

Harrys Bondi (13)

(L to R), Ricotta Pancakes, coconut chia pudding, rolled egg, coorong burger

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They have a range of milkshakes on their menu for $8.5. There’s a lamington one – but we opted for strawberry jam and coffee. Yummy.

Harrys Bondi

Harrys Bondi (12)

Coconut Chia Pudding. $16.50 – Under their House Favourites section of the Breakfast menu is this alluring looking Coconut Chia pudding with cranberry granoal, stone fruit and toasted Coconut. Its an amazingly presented dish that tasted fantastic and we’re not one to order “pudding” but the taste was pretty bang on. Tasty, fruity, fresh.

Harrys Bondi (10)

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We hit Harry’s for this Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcake dish $16.50 – Seasonal Berries, Organic Maple, Lemon Balm, Double Cream. It really is as good as it looks. We mentioned Kettle Black; this was different, hotcakes were thinner but its a fantastic dish. Not just pretty. Its something we adore.

Harrys Bondi (15)

Harrys Bondi (14)

Coorong Beef Burger $19.50 – A delicious modern burger with pickled zucchini, Manchego cheese, rocket, tomato and a generous mound of sweet potato fries. Cooked medium rare, this was a nice modern bistro burger without the american cheese. That heap of sweet potato fries were great and we’d revisit this.

Harrys Bondi (18)


Crispy Rolled Egg -$20.50, Braised Black Bean, Chorizo, Avocado, cherry Tomato, coriander Lime. Scotch egg like, the dish combed spanish flavours with an almost english scotch egg that was cooked perfect. Good punchy flavours and a great cold weather eat.

Harrys Bondi (2)

We noted the Elixir Speciality Coffee. It’s looks like whisky/tea but is actually brewed from coffee and it had tasting notes not dissimilar to a whisky with caramel and coffee flavours in this. $5

Harry’s Bondi is fantastic. We loved our time in the cafe and it was the combination of service, great eats and cafe that made this really work. There’s plenty more on the menu and from what we looked out on from our interior vantage, this is one we’re going to be heading back to.

Harry’s Bondi

2/136 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi Beach, NSW


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    • TheJugernaut

      i expect nothing less from a burgeress. Still, that hotcake’s why we’d head back in. So damn good.