Greenheart Espresso is kind of an odd cafe where it sits. The design of the fitout is too cool for the sort of pedestrian kent street where this sits. Its called greenheart – and its all kind of green: Emeraldish. We checked in when it opened and have been back for their lil marionette coffees and their jolly good muffins (as we understand – from Central Baking Depot)


This was day 4. The cafe’s still being set up and the cups don’t have the logo on it yet. And yes, the space is kinda green.


Green Heart, a month in. There’s a bit of a fruit+veg medley out the front, the sandwich cases are filled and the mirrored end wall is up. There’s a big island seat at the back and a long lineal seat just there.


Colourful cups, some stylish stools and their pastry selection.


Logoed cup, sandwiches, they bake stuff in the oven and today there were pizzas and on other visits, they had some nice looking salads. Coffee is little Marionette and they use Rabbit Hole Tea.


That muffin just there is great. (white choc)


They baked this here – Greenheart actually has an oven and they do a bit of c0oking here from lamb shoulders (for rolls/salads) to pizzas




A medley of coffees at GreenHeart.

Greenheart espresso is a bit of a hole in the wall, and its quite tight with the obvious (4+) seats located outside or at that end bench. In this tight fit space is a very structured cafe that is funkier than it should be (credit Matt Woods). With appealing eats, nice looking sandwiches and good coffee, its one to add to your caffeine hotspots. This 1 city block where it sits is now home to the very artcool klink and award winning vella nero and now another solid addition in the form of GreenHeart.





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