We came to Edition Coffee for a brunch catch up over the Xmas Holiday break and what we got to was a breezy white tiled airy cafe with a bit of a food menu that tried to combo Scandavian/Japanese. Its an interesting menu and the point of difference was appealing – it should be noted that we were 2/6 people in the venue when we popped in – with a family of 6 coming in after we ordered.

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A look at their menu. Its got a good coffee/tea selection and we quite like the fact that japanese tea features very strongly. Its different and kind of neat

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Coffee here was great. Really good flavours and they roast their beans inhouse. We also ordered a brewed tea by Cara Chan with Altitude Tea ($5) and it came with an ice sphere.

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The brioche dish (logan berry elderflower creme, apple, cherry) was a small plate of food. The menu reads really well but what we got was soggy brioche, what seemed like apple sauce (baby food) smear and some mysteriously non descript tasting cream.  It also came lukewarmish/cold so we really don’t know what to make of it. Other diners in the venue had this and the serves were all this size so its not a one off. Contrast the serve/cost/flavour with the brioches (crunchy, great value with mounds of berries and “stuff”, delicious) at Three Williams or Devon – that’s where we’d rather eat a brioche dish instead. Bit dismal this. ($14)

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Smorrebord. The beautifully presented Smoked Salmon on Rye. Some people will love it, we did not. The dry crumbly nature of the rye bread underneath, its inherent strong taste overpowered the delicate salmon (it says smoked on the menu but it tasted a lot like plain raw salmon – not remotely even salty or flavoursome like smoked salmon) and what you ended up with is a textural dissonance that didn’t work (rye was coarse and mealy, strong of flavour and unpleasant with the soft texture of the salmon). This is also the pricest dish ($19) on the menu which made it doubley disappointing. YMMV. We probably wouldn’t order this again or would just request that the rye be omitted.

Mixed impressions here. We didn’t like the dishes picked (had wanted the black rice but they’d sold out) . This admittedly was quite a disappointing brunch. The brioche was also so slight that we needed a second meal to fill up. So on one end, 2 coffees, ($8 for the coffees +$14 brioche+$15 for second lunch).  It ended up costing around the $40 mark for brunch. Great coffees and we’d happily return for that we’ll probably need to try the other dishes on the menu but this brunch did end with us walking out hungry. Don’t you just hate the “gosh we wish we loved that” feeling.

For a different take by Lee Tran Lam who loved the food: here
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  1. Gourmet Getaways

    Some food joints really do great with some items while letting down with other dishes. It’s nice to know they make great coffees according to your taste, being Edition “Coffee Roasters”. Thanks for the review!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx