DrugStore’s a great cafe full of oodles of character in Summerhill. Its open from 5am-noon and then they’re closed for the day. It’s a wacky bizarre neon orange kewpie doll ephemera ladened space that we really wish was closer as we liked it so much. Something about their name, and their twitter/gram handle @injectingroom just kinda works for us.


Aside from the neon orange, the space is mostly dark with vintage 80’s furniture and fairgroundesque oversized stuffed animals. It should be noted that they do have Black Star Pastry eats in their pastry cabinet too (scrolls and the ilk).


A collage of right now posters and colour. Its 8am and it looks like this. That twin pooch kitsch painting we gawked at for a bit.


Look around, and you’ll see creepy dolls and whatnot – there’s 2 baby dolls in a tv/blue tank near the front.


Salt and pepper shaker are really kind of cute.


Avocado ocean trout labne and toast dish – kinda of an easy cafe staple and they do it alright here and its not going to be a surryhills serve – nice and generous with the avocado and trout. – Pretty sure its bread and butter project too.


Avocado and toast. Again, good portions, loads to eat.


Ham cheese, toasted. Kat was quite happy with this.


They serve up Campos coffee here. Good.



They had some cold drip and we tried it – very nice, floral


Organic yogurt parfait – loads of fruit, pistachio, blueberry and strawberry in this.


There’s something fantastical about DrugStore – we dragged ourselves out of bed to check in for breakfast and we kind of just sat there a little in awe. The big FO signage in the back and the neon dayglo it throws across the space and the odd slightly askew quality appeals. For a cafe, they didn’t do too much cookery (so no poached eggs) but what was here was done well and delicious. Campos Coffee which we dig is the bean of choice here. We still talk about finding time to head backĀ  in – just not this early on a work day. We liked it.

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