Yonkers ago, when we were a wee lad, we watched this rather great germanic film or some other foreign pic “Faust” at a foreign film festival; a compelling disturbing film about a man who sold his soul to the devil and it stuck. So imagine the surprise/bemusement when we see sydneysiders popping into a @drfaustus380 for burgers, eggs and the ilk. And then the chance observation that this sits in the ex-finderskeepers shop. A long overdue visit; Dr Faustus is housed in a heritage listed shop and its a beauty. Aged timber apothecary surrounds, large open windows and ample daylighting, sexy incandescents and that beautiful bar; it could almost be a bar… (oh wait, their trying to make this a winebar at night; that’s going to have us back asap). So daytime faustus, in the light.. its americana and then some. We pop in for burgers, cawfee and that peculiar cereal milk.

Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (3)

Gotta love that wideangle. Standing on the kerbside. Dr Faustus added colour with their seats but being heritage listed, not very much has changed we don’t think.

Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (4)

Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (5)Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (6)

Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (1)

Inside, the age of the wood shows and there’s a distinctive look and appeal to the cafe. On three sides sits the glass cabinets from a previous age with curated knickknacks. It is somewhat amusing to see the display cabinet with large boxes of cereal in it. To one side, sits beakers full of water and tin cups; very much in keeping with the quality of the space. They’re selling a variety of cold drip coffees in what looks like medicine bottles.

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Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (10)

Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (7)

We have a coffee and a cereal milk. Cereal milk was “fun”¬†and an interesting drink but make it a milkshake for $7-8 (blender it up with some icecream) and we’ll be screaming for more.

Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (12)

Dr Faustus Cleveland Surryhills (11)
We came for burgers (been eating a lot of them lately too) and these are the Dr Faustus Burgers. They’re about $14+4 (we doubled up). It’s an appealingly large and juicy beef burger that comes with a side of shoestrings and oozy cheese. We did opt to double up and it was surprisingly a lot of food for the money; their patty was rather thick. Beefy.

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Also spotted on Instagram is their eggs5ways. It’s a good looking eat and one we’re keen to head back for.

Dr Faustus is very much a cafe shaped by the compact kitchen and the front room which is hugely appealing. We had a long chat with owner Adam about his adventures in NYC and his return back to Sydney following the grand adventure and its a compelling narrative of how you get from A–> to DrFaustus. We’re hyped for the nighttime iteration of this joint. Actually think they’d do better trade at night with the shop aglow with them lights and some cool eats. But hey, winebar? Where do we sign in blood?

Dr Faustus

380 Cleveland St Surry Hills, NSW 2010



Faust 2004 quite good, if you’re up for it and can find this at a rental…

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