So there’s a new Devon and its on Danks and you’re really not going to be confused as to where this is. Devon on Danks sits in the old Jared Ingelsoll spot “Dank St Depot”. Here at Devon’s no 2, you’ll find some of their regular menu and a few new tricks – namely Devonuts? Well cronuts. And Devon by Night is now here and goes Wednesday to Saturday Evenings. Lots of reason to hit waterloo.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (11)
Devon on Danks - Waterloo (8)
Devon on Danks - Waterloo (7)
The space hasn’t really changed too much from recollection with some added lighting and them dreamcatcher like stringy circles.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (5)
@zacharaytan hard at work prepping their new dish for DOD – green eggs and ham.

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Devon on Danks - Waterloo (6)
Coffees were nice using Industry beans – someone did make the observation that 2nd latte art was dubious.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (2)
At the DOD, they have Calipress juices and we opted for (L) Golden State – orange, Carrot, Pineapple, Green apple and lemon (R) The Cali -Green apple, Celery, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale, Lemon and Mint. Refreshing!

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (12)
So the #DDspecial is a pretty amazing salted caramel softserve with himalayan black salt and hot chips. It pretty incredible. We ate 1.5 of these and we need one now. Pretty special

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (4)
DOD’s special – green eggs on ham – thick cut bacon, crispy potato, 63 degree egg, green tomato ketchup(!) pea purée. You can’t make out the singular egg that’s hidden by the green sauce but its there and oozy. Really nice dish that worked very well.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (3)
DOD softshell crab roll. Crab, kewpie mayo, seaweed.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (1)
Lucky Duck. Duck leg confit, sunny side duck egg, duck liver parfait, buckwheat crepe was a personal fav today. The parfait was magic and just loved everything about this. It felt rather sophisticated and yes accessible.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (14)
Cronutgasming to DOD’s Milo, mayo/porkfloss and matcha devonuts. Well, they really do just call these cronuts.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (10)
Donutholes. Mmmm #Dankindonuts – we didn’t get these but they looked great and about $7 for 3.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (9)
The little lost bread is an epic dessert fiend’s wetdream. Brioche french toast, fresh and freeze dried strawberries, balsamic and strawberry gastrique, strawberry cheesecake icecream.

The new Devon is pretty schmick. rather light and bright and quite different from OG devon There’s also the added bonus of outdoor alfresco dining on the streetside here. Devon.01 was great and this is no different.

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4 Responses

  1. Gaby

    Still can’t wrap my head around the chips with soft serve ice cream. I guess I’ll have to try it.

  2. Alan

    Would definitely NOT recommend! Very disappointed with the service of the cafe!!! I was after a table for 6 people, as my girlfriend and I got to the cafe early the waitress took my name down and requested us to wait until the majority of the group has arrived. I waited 20 mins and doubled checked our seating, the waitress told me there is a table available, however as the rest of our group had not arrived I was told once again to wait until the majority of the group was here. I obliged and within minutes the rest of my group arrives. I sought out the same waitress and requested for the table, only to be told that it has been taken by a group of 8 people. However when I looked over I noticed that there was only 1 person on the table. I quickly asked the waitress how did she consider 1 of 8 people to be more of a MAJORITY than 2 of 6 people. My inquiry was met with the excuse that the 7 of 8 people were just up the street. I further protested that since the entirety of my group is here, that we should have the right to that table seated with 1 person. I then received further responses that the remaining of the people were very close and there’s nothing the waitress could. This bickering went on for a further 5 mins where eventually I was presented with the ultimatum to wait ANOTHER 20 mins for a table or leave. Feeling extremely frustrated and without an apology, our group left and opted to dine with one of the other great cafes where the profit of 2 more people does not come before their customers. Even upon our departure we still did not see the remaining 7 of the other group. This whole experience has left a bitter taste and I would not come back again! The wait staff is in urgent need of commonsense and training. From what I have seen I believe the cafe will find more talented wait staff in the local McDonald’s.