Located in Petersham, round the corner of the rather cool Oxford Tavern lies this discreetly charming Milk Bar. Its all pastels and sunshine in here. A bit of a departure from modern schmick cafes with pendant lighting and ceramic tiles but Daisy manages to hold its own. Lets eat some desserts!!

Daisys Milkbar Petersham (6)
Daisy’s has a old school charm that’s evident even from the street side.

Daisys Milkbar Petersham (10)
Various knickknacks and sweets you can purchases here. There’s some cute candy and then there’s the excellent stickchai.

Daisys Milkbar Petersham (5)
Bright pastels abound. There’s a Free cordial station in the right corner there. There’s booth seating inside.

Daisys Milkbar Petersham (7)
Daisys Milkbar Petersham (9)
This was a banana nutella Jaffle and its only $5. Its delicious. We slathered it with icecream from the other desserts we had. Hot gooey nutella, banana and icecream is the way to go.

Daisys Milkbar Petersham (4)
Daisys Milkbar Petersham (1)
Their Knickerbocker $14 is a tall glass full of peaches, berry coulis, cream, icecream. It’s pretty great. Would. Loved the garnishes.

Daisys Milkbar Petersham (3)
Ice cream Sandwich. Its kinda big – there’s vanillabean icecream, some nice strawberries and chocolate biccies. Looking at this, we want another. Now.

Rather enjoyed our time at Daisy’s Milkbar. We spent a good arvo there – not pictured were the pots of tea and stickychai we had.  Got to have a chat with Jess and she told us that btw then (when they started DMB) and now; they’ve had a commercial kitchen installed and there is now a more substantial menu present so its not all sweet treats. There were sandwiches, breakfast burritos and breakfast menu items. Come say hello to Jess and Jake and eat their delightful foods.

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