Hey, its a croissant/donut hybrid! Per Wiki “Cronut is a croissantdoughnut hybrid developed at a New York City bakery in 2013″ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cronut

Cronuts. Kind of a big deal. Its sweeping the planet. Making the news. Thousands of dollars for a box of them in NYC. Crojobs on Craigslist. But Sydneysiders are lucky that they have Australia’s numerou ono Pastesserie God Adriano Zumbo making them this sweet treats. Today, walked up, found some. Adriano’s Zonuts. This is the Cronuts catch all page

Zumbo at the star


So the Pina Colada Ones and the chocolate ones sit waiting on the rack. Too bad there’s a queue and the ladies netted the last two chocolate ones. That’s alright, I like Pina Colada.

“So I wrote to the paper, took out a personal ad *snip snip snip* I thought it wasn’t half-bad
Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and *snip* I’m not much into health food”

sounds about right…


Out the door with 4. Thats the maximum number we could have bought anyhow.


Here’s the Pina Colada Cronut/Zonut in all it glory. Its surprisingly big.


Here it is, the cronut on a plate. Fascinating this write up eh.


Layers of croissant dough (Buttery) sweet tangy glaze and sugar on the sides. Its quite indulgent.

Here it is once  sliced wacked it with a knife.

Its surprising. The thing is quite crunchy, the textural distinctions is kind of interesting. and yes, did eat it the right way (if there’s such a thing as the right way to eat a piece of fried dough).


Zonut Review.



L “very nice, I liked it. Thanks for making me fat”

J  aka me “Cheap. Bigger than expected. Sweet. Quite delicious. I rate it”

C “I’m going to be sick + It was quite full on. It was like eating deep fried butter captured in a shell of pastry”… then later “There was chocolate ones……this changes everything!”


we’d get another.

Only available at the Balmain+Star Adriano shops.


Writeup of the zumbo stores here on Jugernauts


Add 18/08/2013

Bacon Maple Zonut $5


So Zumbo switches out the flavours every week or so and we don’t necessarily want to chase them up and eat every single one… just imagine the waistline, the promise of a bacon maple one… well, had to go get our hands on one.

the cronut here is injected with bacon maple cream, has bacon chunks, mapled peanuts (quite nice), bourbon soaked raisins (initial reaction was “gross” as we’re not raisins fans) but it turned out to be quite nice. Chewy and added texture to the crispy Zonut.

This cronut was a tad more savoury, the bacon flavour wasn’t too heavy and might have done with more of that porky saltiness. Preferred this to the pina colada one as it was distinctively less sugary. Overall, rather good.



updated: 26th 04 14

So you’d think that all this time later, that the cronut craze would be over – but if BrewtownNewtown’s cronut, cronut burger and cronut affogato is to go by, its still going. Cronuts are very much still the biggest foodthing right now: Brewtown is now wholesaling them too and you can get variations and versions at Paramount Coffee Project, Excelsior Jones and lots of other venues.


Crispy Cinnamon Cronut. Quite a nice simple cronut – the cinnamon on it makes it a nice eat and while the cronut hasn’t risen as much as you’d like. Its a nice decadent treat.


Glazed Cronut. Think Krispy Kreme glazed and you’re not far off. Quite nice with a nice cup of coffee.


Updated: 1st September 2014 (So Brewtown posted on FB and instagram that apparently they can no longer call these things cro… so now they’re called Brewnuts. And they’ve since added these passionfruit and chocolate crumble ones to their repertoire too.  Swoon!


Upstairs from Thursdays at Brewtown Newtown is Affogato shack and this is their Cronut Affogato with Cow Moon Gelato Pistachio Gelato and slathered with fresh espresso. Different and good.


Brewtown’s not done. The cronut is also used in their elvis burger. Cronuts, hot beef, ham, relish and potatoes. Its intriguing, decadent and quite good.



Pop into Campos Newtown and you can try their cronuts. $4. Its a small little version of it. And its quite well risen with good layers and they only do it one way. Classic with sprinkled sugar.


Jones the Grocers above comes to the party with a smaller very tightly made #jonut. They have cinnamon/regular ones – but today its a #saltedcaramel one which is rather well made and delicious. Its not always on sale – so when you spot one – grab one. (as an aside, their mango/passionfruit cheesecake is magic!)

Jugernauts on BrewtownNewtown

Jugernauts on Campos

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  1. Ramen Raff

    Interesting! Have to make time to get myself some zonuts. Inspite of the mix reviews, I’ll have a crack at it. Thanks for the post!

  2. Amanda@ChewTown

    Sara (Bellyrumbles) and I tried a version from our local foodies market. They were SUPER oily and heavy. Wasn’t a fan. Yet to try Zumbo’s version but from the sounds of it, nothing is going to beat the original.