Located at no. 2 Somerset place is Captains of Industry. Its an interesting one, the space and the crew manning the shop seemingly come from an earlier age and very much have a look thats readily identifiable as the current “hipster trend” expect there’s a sincerity here that’s quite endearing. We’ve chanced upon this before but never explored upwards so we’re very happy to have done so. Part workshop, part cafe, all character.


In a laneway, from the street side, this is kinda what you see: Captains of Industry is a floor up.


The cafe bar elements is expected. The hair and shoe are perks




This is the cafe – you can see the leathergood maker in his shop adjoining


Singer sewing machines, black ceilings. Kind of funky with odds and ends – machinery and step ladders. Its got a workshop aesthetics.


This shop sells menswears


The cafe is quite big, most venues in Melbourne was largeish as the city was made like this – counter here had all sorts of grooming product on sale. Nice antique fridge that they actually use and ample daylight incoming from the left.


A look across to the kitchen.


Bircher Muesli. Very nice.


Bacon, asparagus, rocket and extra bacon. Its well cooked and tasted pretty good but I gotta give the edge on the dish to Brewtown’s asparagus/polenta dish. Still really good.


Gotta have that egg porn shot.


Coffees were nice and came with an ornate spoon (see also Parliament on King)


Various books out the front.

Captains of Industry is great – its a destination visit and well worth checking out if only to tick it off your list of very melbourne venues. Its the fact that its unabashed masc and has that feel of a throwback timewarp to a period where everything was bespoke and laboured over that makes it. Combo that with nice friendly staff, who dragged out that menuboard and plonked it onto that chair so we can decide what we’re gonna eat, its just interesting and different. A must.


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