Located on what felt like some sort of peninsular, what with the driving to get to it, and the walk down from the carpark through a bit of an aussie bushland is the manorial Burnt Orange. Once you rock up, it is a bit “plantation glam” venue right out of war epics – Burnt Orange with its timber floor, repurposed building is an appealing cafe/restaurant/shop hub all in one; and that one is the huge pre war mansion it sits in. It’s the venue’s first impressions that make the most impact. We hit Burnt Orange for Breakfast. This is an excellent weekender that’ll transport you somewhere else just because of how different it is to much cafes of its ilk. It’s all about the manor.

Burnt Orange- Mosman-1

Burnt Orange- Mosman-4

It was a bit grey today but you can just make out the harbour just there.

Burnt Orange- Mosman-8

Leafy surrounds, rusticated furshings, plantation glam and water views. Burnt Orange is no slouch of a venue.

Burnt Orange- Mosman-2

Their Breakfast menu – Burnt Orange actually had 2 other menus – one for lunch and one for afternoon high tea beautifully presented in these leather bound books. Its a nice attention to detail.

Burnt Orange- Mosman-5

We wander round and spot their sweet treats/cake display.

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Burnt Orange- Mosman-3

┬áBreakfast was their egg benedict with smoked salmon $19, a Cedar Street buffalo milk haloumi with spiced poached egg, cucumber, mint and warm flat bread $20 with a side of mushroom and avocado – cafe standards (fresh juices and coffee) were available. Salted Caramel Popcorn cupcake was a nice treat. This was a nice breakfast that was had at a leisurely pace.

Burnt Orange- Mosman-12

Burnt Orange- Mosman-11

Burnt Orange- Mosman-10

Burnt Orange- Mosman-9

We wandered around the “grounds” and Burnt Orange’s retail/shop comment is an attractive mix of knick knacks, cookbooks, curated homewares and then some. It’s actually a great store.

Burnt Orange funnily enough tacked their 3 cups from the goodcafe guide sign near the toilets which amused when we saw it. This is a lovely cafe that will win you over; if you didn’t know about this; now you do so take the time out to visit. Its a good one for a long weekend lunch. Breezy



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  1. Laura

    I love the view, the flooring and the food looks tasty!

    Stop going everywhere I want to go.