Bread and Circus was one of the few venues that we hit during our clean eat january and this airy popular cafe sits inside the foundry and is an appealing mix of quaint pastels, organic eats and well, an interesting sort of menu that we had to wrap our head around. Next time round, not so much corn. Way too corny.

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Bread’s Circus look is very much a hodge podgey timber/plant/pastel sort of space with wood boxes and product scatter around in a open warehouse type space. Seating is very much communal and we did have a bit of a wait to sit down – although; they don’t seem to fill out the space – there were empty spots but they had people queuing which we thought was a bit odd.

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Long black. Its a decent enough coffee.

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We ordered these: There’s corn, zucchini, 3 eggs, avocado and chicken and this is kind of how it came. The biggest surprise/shock was how big that mound of corn was – and that it was just sort of a corn/rocket salad and that big – looked like there was 4-5 cobs in it? With their really simple menuĀ  – we didn’t fully comprehend it; that’s what we ended up with and it made us think; probably should have gotten the small serve as we were going to be hammering away at that particular component.

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This is all the bits that we had thrown together as a tasty clean eating salad; albeit a rather pricey one and a bit oversized (there was still corn in the platter when we composed the dish). Really enjoyed it however and we thought as a clean eat option for diners wanting good, organic eats that Bread & Circus was pretty great. We liked it enough but the queueing situation was slightly odd (with the empty tables) and the huge corn salad was a bit much. That said, armed with an understanding of their menu, the next time; we’d do better with the ordering. Diners can also pick sandwiches which were more affordable at about $16. This was a $60+ lunch for 2. A pricier than most, healthy organic food based cafe. That’s what you’ll get at Bread & Circus. We quite liked it though.

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  1. Gourmet Getaways

    Love that “way too corny” thing haha. The place looks different and unique. Love that they serve organic eats. Thanks for the review!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx