Located on the 1st floor of the Eastern in Bondi Junction is the newly opened Bondi Harvest. Its the same name joint by the guys behind the Bondi Harvest brand/youtube channel and the guys behind it Mark and Guy (one chef and a filmmaker). So what is Bondi Harvest; its a smart cafe/restaurant dishing up healthy (and not so healthy eats) with a nice section that’s sort of paleo and health fiend friendly and then there’s naughty options (aka normal foods). We come for a tasting and ordered the zucchini bowl as an aside to fuel our clean eating january.

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Bondi Harvest - Bondi Junction

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A look across the venue. They’ve made it nice and homely with shades of green and use of greenery. There’s also a rustic/market feel with abundant use of weathered timber. The wraparound timber table that delineates the other end of the dining hall feels right for the venue. Ample seating here too with booths on both ends.

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A selection of smoothies and drinks (Yolo – turmeric, yellow beer, ginger. Organic BH honey and apple, BH switch – apple cider vinegar, Apple, ginger, honey coconut water, Evergreen – lemon, mint, cucumber, pear, kale and chia, Gingerblush – orange, apple, ginger, watermelon). $8 for the full size. Pulled Lamb and quinoa Pumpkin Salad was also a nice eat with tender flavoursome lamb.  On the sandwich front, we had their Grilled Chicken with zucchini nooodles and chimichurri and Pastrami Smoked Salmon House made fermented veggies, tomatoe and yoghurt tartare. We also opted for a Zucchini Breaky Bowl $19 from their “Nice Menu” as we were on our health kick in January. 2 perfect poached eggs, cherry tomatoes, 2 generous hunks of haloumi, basil and zucchini noodles. It was a delicious bowl of clean eating yumminess.

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Bondi Harvest does heaps right, there’s an earnestness to the food here that we liked. Their salad menu is fresh and the food options are healthy and seasonal. As we dined here during our January clean eats drive; this made a whole lot of sense to a devotee of that lifestyle. Having an easily accessible restaurant in Bondi Junction that dishes up healthy eats that suits your dietary habits it’s great. Helps then that the food is mighty tasty.

Their menu also detailed “nights” – with a shared plate menu while Bondi Harvest goes naughty and serves up cocktails and their eats.



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